Building Resilience with Digitail

Veterinary United Success Story

Delve deeper into Veterinary United's transformative journey, and gain valuable insights into the challenges faced, the solutions implemented, and the remarkable outcomes achieved.

About Veterinary United

Founded 27 years ago as a humble family business by Dr. Thomas Bankstahl and his wife Julie, Veterinary United evolved into a network of 22 veterinary hospitals, boarding, and daycare centers across Southeastern Michigan. The continued expansion of the group created the need for a unified and scalable practice management system (PIMS) that will remain relevant for years to come.

Group requirements
  • See the big picture across 22 locations
  • Advanced reporting and analytics
  • Integrated client reminders
  • Improved experience for the staff

Decisive factors
  • All-in-one features
  • Independence of the provider
  • Support and team training
  • Stable pricing model


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Roadblocks and Digitail’s Solutions

Unified PIMS
🚧 Veterinary United was struggling with eight different PIMS, leading to operational inefficiencies, hindering growth, and creating challenges in training and collaboration.

🛠️ Having a unified cloud-based PIMS allowed Veterinary United to see the big picture of their operations. This enabled real-time access to harmonized data and ensured a consistent experience for every employee, at any location.

Enterprise-Level Solution
🚧 Veterinary United needed advanced reporting capabilities to make data-driven decisions, identify areas for improvement, and support the growth of individual hospitals.

🛠️ Digitail’s in-house data migration and analytics team efficiently extracted and converted data into interactive dashboards with actionable metrics. This allowed streamlining and tailoring the reports to Veterinary United’s needs, uncovering hidden possibilities for further optimization.

Efficiency Improvements for Staff and Veterinarians

🚧 Inefficiencies in workflows, redundant processes, and large volumes of administrative tasks were causing hurdles for the team.
🛠️ Digitail brought efficiency improvements for hospital staff through features like canned treatment plans, auto-populated fields, and the pet parent app for client communication.

Client Communication and Reduction of No-Shows

🚧 Client reminders and communication were inconsistent across locations, leading to missed revenue opportunities.
🛠️ Digitail's integrated client reminders, online booking, and text messaging features enhanced client experience and revenue generation.

Scalable and Future-Ready Technology

🚧 The existing server-based PIMS were costly to maintain and lacked scalability for a fast-growing veterinary group.
🛠️ Digitail is built for the future, offering all-in-one features and enabling efficient scaling that doesn’t require investments in additional software. Its telehealth functionality and AI-powered assistant, Tails, unlocked new opportunities for Veterinary United to innovate the delivery of care and provide added value to clients.

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